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Hi! My rescue name is Bosten but I now go by Winston. Here is my foster to tell you a little bit about me: 

Bosten is a happy, playful, active, loyal, and affectionate pup. He has lived with adults, teenage children, cats, and dogs. Bosten would love an active doggie playmate that matches his high energy as couch potato dogs would feel overwhelmed by him. Bosten’s perfect home will be a dog-savvy family who is home most of the time. When they’re not, he does best with a dog playmate so he doesn’t get nervous being left alone. He has been prescribed medications for his anxiety, and we would like his next family to continue with them as he transitions to his new life.

Bosten is a playful dog who loves to chew and play, so an active family that can provide him with plenty of enrichment would be great. He also loves to go on walks, but he can get overwhelmed by strangers and other dogs and will bark at them. His foster is working on that by pairing their presence with good things (like treats), but quieter neighborhoods will be easier for Bosten than busy environments. 

Bosten is house-trained, but when he is anxious (like when his people come home), he will dribble. For that reason, his foster uses a belly band when she has to leave. In other ways, Bosten is a fast learner. He wants to please his people and responds well to positive reinforcement training. He comes when called, is learning to sit for his harness to be put on, and does a great job paying attention to his person. Bosten reportedly jumped on people in his last home, but is doing very well not jumping in his current foster, who pets him and rewards him for calm behavior. He would do best in an adult home because of his anxiousness and jumping, though. Bosten really wants to be with his people at all times and prefers to be in the room with them. When he is with his people, he is affectionate, calm, and a great pal. 

Take a look at this sweet video of Bosten walking on a leash.

Bosten weighs 22 lbs and is an owner surrender. If you are interested in getting to know this animal better, please fill out an  adoption application.  An adoption application is the best way to show your interest in an animal and is not a binding contract.

To learn more about Ruff Start’s adoption process and the care our foster animals receive, please visit our How to Adopt page.

If you'd like to donate towards this pet's care, you can donate to our Animal Care Fund . Our Animal Care Fund supports the medical and veterinary needs for all Ruff Start Rescue animals. You'll be able to enter this pet's name on the second page of the donation form.

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